Sunday, 18 March 2012

Potentials Comparison 002

The second of my Carlos Ezquerra swipes for page 1 of the Dogbreath strip 'Potentials'. This isn't as obvious as the previous one, but still very much a source of inspiration. The images I used for both this and the previous, are both taken from the Strontium Dog strip 'The Schicklgruber Grab'.
These were the only two Carlos swipes on page 1, and the rest is completely my own work. Honest.
Don't forget, the strip 'Potentials' - written by Eric Moore - appears in Dogbreath 25, which is available now from FutureQuake Press for £3 plus p+p. There is also great stuff in there from the likes of Richmond Clements, Stephen Prestwood, Lee Robson, Simon Hayes, and many many others...

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